Opulence: A New Slant on Life

By Laura Porreca

Two hands join fingers to form the shape of a heart.

My mentor instructed me to become “Prosperity conscious.” He said it was a must-do action step if I were to succeed in business. When I related my personal challenges, he frequently reminded me to focus on business instead. His ideas on prosperity were different from mine. I was wanting one thing but asking him for help on another. Suffice to say, it confuses people when we aren’t clear on what we want.

Do you have clarity on what you want? Is it financial prosperity? Are you looking for other forms of wealth, whatever they may be? There are a hundred other things, besides cash, that can make us feel opulent. Successful. Blessed. The trick is in finding what works for you.

I can’t speak to you on how to create millions of dollars. I have not cracked the code, nor have most who’ve gained and lost it in their entrepreneurial journey. But I can speak to you of opulence: riches and wealth, profuse abundance, of which I’ve had much in my life as a teacher, a mentor, and a lover of people. If that is your aim, read on!

Do not depend on one particular form of wealth.

This is like thinking only one person can make your life meaningful, or only one house will do. Open yourself up to the possibility that there are many forms. Your happiness can come from generating ideas, having good health, or building lasting relationships. Do people love you? Is that more rewarding than a pile of money? Look around and get clarity on what prosperity really means to you, not what others have told you to believe. See for yourself and decide.

Do not think of accumulation as the goal, rather focus on circulation.

As a speaker, I help my audiences realize that all things are theirs already. And, it begins with tapping into thought. Not thoughts of money, but getting in the zone of thinking large, generous and liberal. Enter into the spirit of opulence. Let your creative power flow through you. Direct your attention to being a distribution center. As you give freely, you will naturally become in tune with so much more than the limited thinking that money is the be-all of success.

Thomas Troward points us toward looking inward.

“…The danger is in not sufficiently realizing our own richness, and in looking upon the externalized product of our creative power as being the true riches instead of the creative power of spirit itself.”

How do you tap into your creativity to bring about the wealth you so desire? Realize your own riches! Direct your attention to giving, not receiving. Allow the circulation of all things… love, joy, and creativity to flow through you!

This article originally appeared in the Autumn 2017 issue of CHOICES Magazine



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